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How to spot a fake Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

There are not many people who have not heard of Ralph Lauren, and the first thing that many people think of when hearing the name is polo shirts. This is because of the quality that is associated with the Ralph Lauren name, which is probably why there are so many people trying to pawn off fake Ralph Lauren polo shirts as the real thing. There are certain things to look for that will enable you to tell the difference between a phony and a real Ralph Lauren polo shirt.

One of the most telling ways you can spot a fake Ralph Lauren polo is by the tags on the shirt. Any real polo shirt will have the words “Polo by Ralph Lauren” on it and will also have threads on the back. The stitching on an original will also have stitching that is the same color of the shirt or navy blue. Fake shirts will have different colored stitching and the tag itself is usually smaller in comparison to the tag on the original.

You will also be able to tell the difference by the tag that shows the size of the shirt. Fake polo’s normally have a size tag that is larger than the one you will find on an original. You will also notice that the tags on many fake polo’s will partially come apart from the tag seam, which is something that will not happen with a quality Ralph Lauren original.

The signature of a Ralph Lauren original polo is the horse and jockey that is stitched on the inside of the shirt. A phony shirt will have threads hanging out everywhere, while an original will be stitched very neatly. The shoulder stitching is another revealing detail, as the stitching on a real polo will be on the underside of the shirt, not on the outside.

Sometimes you can even tell a fake from an original without even looking at it. The material used for a fake shirt is usually stiff in nature, which is much different than the comfortably soft 100 percent cotton of a Ralph Lauren original. This can be especially evident in the collar for most phony polo’s. Some shirts will also have different sized sleeves, bad stitching and other sloppy workmanship, and even holes somewhere on the shirt.

Now that you know what to look for, you should feel comfortable in knowing every Ralph Lauren polo you buy in the future will actually be what it says it is and not some forgery. Be wary of any shirt that has a price tag that seems to good to be true as well. While it could be that you really have found a bargain, by taking into account the tips that are included here you will be better prepared to assess if it is an actual bargain you are getting or you are actually going to be getting less than what you’re paying for.